A word of thanks

So I’ve been at this little dog and pony show for a little while now- Since September I’ve managed to carve out a little niche for myself in the Maynooth social scene as what I like to call ‘a really shit Caitlin Moran knock off” writing columns and reviews for the Student Standard.  Hey, there was a market there for the taking.  So I’m getting something of a…  ‘group of people who read my blogs/columns/tweets’ and some of these people are beginning to give me lovely feedback- I received what I am calling, very shyly and modestly, my first ever ‘fan letter’ in the form of a blog reply and a few people have come up to me in Maynooth telling me they enjoyed my columns, to keep it up, etc etc.  Most humbling for me was the response to my blog about the vigil for Savita Hallapanavar, which was universally lovely and touching.  ANYWAY.  Now that this blog has more than 2000 views (2008 after my last refresh)  I just wanted to say thank you.  Thank you for giving me any moment of your time or consideration.  That this blog- essentially just me wanking on about my period and other such nonsense- would get any views at all, let alone replies and compliments is deeply humbling for me.  That anyone would consider my writing something not only worth reading but also worthy of commenting on frankly blows my fucking mind.  And those of you who say ‘TMI NIAMH OMG!’ all I can say is challenge accepted.

Here’s a picture of me pulling my patented ‘sexy face’ as a token of my deep appreciation for you all.


Niamh ‘I am starting to run out of ideas for these middle names’ Keoghan


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