A moment from the 1970s

It’s my brothers debs ball tomorrow, and tonight he’s escorting a girl to the debs of my former school, Manor House. When I went in 2010 I bought the first ball gown I tried on, my escort was the guitarist in my short lived band and we got an amazing limo.

The limo was gorgeous, a classy white hummer- not a crazy over the top one, a really nice one imported from America. The highlight of this was the limo driver who was lovely. ‘this isn’t a taxi, girls!’ he insisted.’this is your big night out, I’m here to make sure its perfect.’ far from the fussy drivers my friends cars had tapping their watches and sighing. Altogether I think we paid about a hundred euro each for the limo, which isnt, in the grand scheme of things a lot considering that it’s the only time I’m likely to be in a limo. But it contrasts nicely with my mums memory of her debs-

Well your Uncle was meant to pick us up in his car and drive us a bit of the way, but then he was late so I went out to the main road with my escort and we rang a taxi from the pay phone.

I just think thats kind of sweet. I love my Mam.



Niamh ‘Sure she didn’t lick it off the stones’ Keoghan


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