Running on Seattle time or; the things I do when I should be sleeping.

(This song is a lot more up tempo than I remember… Am I remembering the nineties in slow motion?!)

My sleep pattern is absolutely and utterly FUCKED this time of year, there’s no two ways about it.  Between late nights, decadent lie ins, pumping it at the gym, lazing about the next day, baking and the internet it’s a wonder I sleep at all.  My pattern will fall back into place as soon as I start back at University because mercifully I’m in before midday every day but one- most people might call that unlucky but it’ll be a reason for me to actually roll out of bed nice and early each day.

I love mornings, I really do.  I like the quality of the light, I like the empty Maynooth commuter train and the packed DART I have to get into the city to catch it.  I like getting a fresh metro newpaper rather than a nasty old crumpled one and I like leaving the house just as the sun is BOOKING it over Dublin bay.

You wouldn't get it in America sure

It’s a bit of a BEAUT is what I’m saying

I’ve got commuting down to a fine art but that’s a blog post for next week- now, here are all the things I’ve been doing to amuse myself late at night when nobody else is online.

Eating at bad times

My current go-to complaint is my inability to lose weight despite my jogging, swimming and all around Teddy Roosevelt style badassery. I think the likely culprit keeping my tummy fat in place is my terrible habit of cooking and snacking late at night.  Yes it’s horrible for me and doesn’t help me  sleep but so help me GOD a ham and Cheese Sambo with mustard tastes so much better at 2AM with a mug of Tea

Do Beasts make sandwiches?

pictured- the greatest Ham and Cheese sambo known to man or beast

I’m becoming less awful at this; my no cooking after 11 rule is doing wonders but sometimes the batch loaf calls to me.

Organising my computers files like a boss

I think everybody has a favorite university lecturer for various reasons- Some people love the ones who are funny and easy to follow, some like the cantenkerous old bastards and others like the ones with lots of supports and notes online.  One of my lecturers is a legend in this regard- a week before semester starts and we get an email informing us every single week of our module is now online, with syllabus, readings and assignment information all available to be easily downloaded in beautiful, readable not-scanned PDF files… it was a thing of beauty, and it deserved a whole file on my laptop worthy of it’s glory.

I even put snarky names on all my lecture files

This whole thing took me about an hour and a half, the ultimate time wasting- it’s just about productive, but not productive enough to warrant all that time spent on it.  It’ll be handy later on when I’m weeping furious tears trying to decipher Arendt.  I even marked what my recommended readings are with an RR so I can skip them if I feel like it.  ALSO added to the parent folder is a link to my note taking program so I can note away to my heart’s content.  Champion.

Watch online Critics (and tweet at people)

I don’t even play video games much (You can rank me just below ‘Casual gamer’ in the ‘used to watch her brother play metal gear solid’ category) but when I can’t sleep I just watch episode after episode of Zero Punctuation and Angry Video Game Nerd.  There’s something about the AVGN and all the retro bleeps and bloops that soothes me, even if his writing can be a bit stilted and the swearing gets old.  Zero Punctuation is everything I want in a critic- succinct, merciless and utterly hilarious.  I’d say I’d love to be like him but I reckon he’d hate me if he knew me.  OH WELL.

I tweet a fuckload in the middle of the night- it’s the curse of having a smartphone- Twitter app is the go to site after the news sites stop updating for the night.  I usually end up in long twitter chats with Simon, who is massive sluuuuuuuuh (Unless he’s reading this in which case luv u baiibez <3)

Attempt to Stream TV shows

Before they shut down Megavideo that is… RIP

Do any of you get this busy late at night? (Not like that, shush)  Maybe I’m just doomed to forever be a solitary night owl, the watcher woman of the darkness who keeps a beady eye on the horizon, waiting for the sun.  That whole thing would be a lot more poetic if I didn’t have regular 6AM starts because of my commute.  Fuck.


Niamh ‘Gonna wait til the midnight hour’ Keoghan


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  1. Fun and entertaining as usual Nimah. Well done :D

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