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And Now: Some anger about Todd Akin or; My uterus does not have a fail safe clause.



So if you haven’t been around the internet lately, Todd Akin is running for the US Senate in Missouri and like many before him he decided to dip his toe in the deep end and try to justify banning abortion outright, even in cases of Rape. What’s staggering about his world view is that he’s had to lie to himself so much to fit into a cosy, easy philosophy. Because it’s easy to be anti abortion. It’s really goddamn easy. It’s really easy to believe that only women who really want to be pregnant, who have the means to have a child are the ones who get pregnant. It’s really easy to believe that even when a pregnancy is unexpected or not quite wanted that the woman will find the STRENGTH inside to just battle through and have her baby and everything will be happy. It’s really easy to say that when you’ve been legitimately raped you’re unlikely to get pregnant because somehow your body will magically shut down it’s processes, because of course no child would ever be made under circumstances so horrible, would they?

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