Really interesting piece about one of the big mommas of conservative activism in Ireland- You can take my life, but you can never take my right to TOUCH MYSELF.

Come Here To Me!

We do not want contraception, abortion, divorce, homosexuality, secular schools or any of the trappings of an uninspiring secular Ireland.

So summed up the politics of Úna Bean Mhic Mhathúna in a letter to The Irish Times in May 1976.

Una*, along with her friend and fellow campaigner Mena Cribben, is another colourful character in the world of reactionary Irish politics. She has been a dominant figure for over forty years having been a founding member of Mna na hEireann (c. 1972 – late 1970s) and the Irish Housewives Union (c. 1980 – early 1990s) as well as being active with the Council for Family Rights (1980s), Anti-Abortion Campaign (1983), No Divorce Campaign (1996/97), Friends of Youth Defence (1990s) and Coir (2000s).

Una grew up in Gurranabraher in Cork where her brother Larry White, a leading local activist with Saorise Eire (offshoot of Saor Eire), was shot dead by…

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