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Really interesting piece about one of the big mommas of conservative activism in Ireland- You can take my life, but you can never take my right to TOUCH MYSELF.

Come Here To Me!

We do not want contraception, abortion, divorce, homosexuality, secular schools or any of the trappings of an uninspiring secular Ireland.

So summed up the politics of Úna Bean Mhic Mhathúna in a letter to The Irish Times on 4 May 1976.

Una*, along with her friend and fellow campaigner Mena Cribben, is another colourful character in the world of reactionary Irish politics. She has been a dominant figure for over forty years as a founding member of Mna na hEireann (c. 1972 – late 1970s) and the Irish Housewives Union (c. 1980 – early 1990s). She has also been active with the Council for Family Rights (1980s), the Anti-Abortion Campaign (1983), the No Divorce Campaign (1996/97), Friends of Youth Defence (1990s) and Cóir (2000s).

Una grew up in Gurranabraher on the north side of Cork city. Her brother Larry White, a leading local activist with Saorise Éire (offshoot of…

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My reactions to news of Mitt Romney making a tit of himself in London

Oh London 2012. You have yet to officially begin and already you provide me with this splendor. I’m still going to be very disappointed if David Tennant dressed as the tenth doctor doesn’t light the Olympic flame.

A Herp Derp


Woke up at about 12 noon, as summer holidaying students are wont to do

Checked twitter on phone, only to find this  lovely article surmising how Republican Party Presidential candidate is getting on with his campaign’s trip to London.  Supposedly manufactured to showcase the candidate’s diplomatic relation skillz, all it’s been so far is an utter and complete shambles.  A HILARIOUS shambles.  Imagine if you will a guest coming into your home and very loudly proclaiming your dinner is a badly planned disaster and they’re unsure how dessert is going to turn out.  That’s pretty much how Romney’s been conducting himself.  I don’t think it’s very wise to sass your hosts about their big huge international sporting event the day before it starts, as if anyone gives a shit what you think about it…

‘There are a few things that were disconcerting… The stories about the private security firm not having enough people, the supposed strike of the immigration and customs officials – that obviously is not something which is encouraging.’

My immediate reaction to this was ‘what a cunt.’ This sort of bullshit goes beyond any of my personal beef with Romney’s policies- He just sounds like an ignorant, self important arsehole.  Doing the rounds today is an extract from his 2010 book (Mitt Romney has a book, Katie Price has a book… I feel so sub par) Where Romney basically says England isn’t really very important and nobody likes it much.  Oh and it only escaped the Nazis because it’s an Island.  Sneaking fucking England, riding on the glory of being an island…

At this point (Around 12:07 PM) I’m still lying in bed with a massive grin on my face.  It’s the sort of grin you get when somebody is being self important and nobody is buying it.  I cheered in triumph when I heard David Cameron’s back-Sass to Romney

We are holding an Olympic Games in one of the busiest, most active, bustling cities anywhere in the world. Of course it’s easier if you hold an Olympic Games in the middle of nowhere.

Take THAT, Salt Lake City!

I never thought I’d be rooting for Cameron in anything but compared to Romney he’s a socialist icon. When you are more elitist  and arsey than David fucking Cameron, you need to stop at once and reassess your goals.  Romney seems to have staggered into the UK on a great wave of self important arrogance, one that he has no real power to back up with.  Say what you want about George W Bush and his many gaffes, at least he was an actual head of state with nukes and an army and some reason for people to listen to him.  Romney’s just a rich idiot running for election- it’s like Dana popping over on a state visit to the Olympics OH GOD I want to see Dana on a state visit right now.

When you seem more pompous and silly than Borris Johnson you REALLY have to reassess your goals, and even the fluffy haired mayor of London got his tuppence ha’penny in against Romney slagging off London.  But really I have to ask, what on earth was Rom nom thinking?  He was a key organising force behind the 2002 Winter Games in Salt Lake City Utah, but are the two things comparable?  Beyond the two events being major international sporting events under the olympic banner, I can’t see them having much in common logistically- At least not enough to justify Romney getting on his high horse about it.  Extra points for getting Londoners riled up about the Olympics at last.

My favourite thing about this isn’t actually the reveal that he met with the head of MI6 (something he’s not supposed to say), but his clumsy naming of EVERY SINGLE CONFLICT ZONE around the world.  That must have been a very long chat, to have discussed the problems and challenges faced by each of those regions- To even begin explaining about most of them in the most scant details would take a while.  I know he’s sound biting but it’s just so false and smarmy.

I don’t know why, I just like seeing arrogant idiots flapping in and making tits of themselves.  There’s a sort of Schadenfreude at work here.  I don’t think it’ll be particularly damaging to Rom Nom’s presidential aspirations- Casually brushing off the gaffes one of his advisers basically told they don’t give a crap what the UK thinks, they only care about voters back in America so THERE, we’re taking our ball and going HOME.  At every turn Romney seems to make a faux paus- Forgetting Ed Milliband’s name and calling him ‘Mister Leader’ as if he’s the despotic head of some backwater communist dictatorship, or revealing he met with the head of MI6, a meeting that was supposed to be kept secret.  He’s like a small child bumbling through an adults carefully planned dinner party.

My new fave quote is from another of Rom Nom’s advisers, speaking of US-British ties-

‘We are part of an Anglo-Saxon heritage, and he feels that the special relationship is special. The White House didn’t fully appreciate the shared history we have.’

All I can say is that by half past noon, I was a very entertained girl indeed.


Niamh ‘I’m trying to make Rom Nom happen’ Keoghan

For those who came in late reviews… The Dark Knight Rises



Seriously, I’m not taking responsibility for this if you get spoiled.  Snape Kills Dumbledore.



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And now a series of useful Gif images


Useful for: Any successful application of sass, or ‘oh no she di’nt!’ moments that may arise.

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Some people have no sense of humour

One trend that’s becoming alarmingly apparent in my life is people (usually those who don’t know me so well) telling me to lighten up and have a sense of humour. Particularly this little bit of aggressive conditioning comes up when I express any faint discomfort with a particular joke or topic being joked about- Usually in my case the category of ‘unfunny shit’ could be a big bin with the label SEXIST BULLSHIT written on it, with little supplementary recycle bins around it representing jokes expressing homophobia or racism (and whole stinking skip dedicated on it’s own to RAPE JOKES). Now ALARMINGLY ENOUGH considering that so far what I’ve listed is Sexism, homophobia, sexual assault and good ol’ fashioned racism, still I’ve often been asked the question ‘Well then what do you think *is* funny, Niamh?’

Everything else?

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My love affair with Musicals

It all began in about 2005, when the Daily Star came with a free CD containing classic songs from musicals.  On it I first heard the following-

One night in Bangkok, from Chess

The Phantom of the Opera, From the show of the same name

All I ask of you from Phantom

One day More from Les Mis

All that Jazz, from Chicago

I think there was a song from Cabaret…

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A selection of my favourite #IrishShadesOfGrey tweets

Without futher ado, I offer my favourites from the selection offered tonight, courtesy of Twitter- I’m pretty shite at being clever in 140 characters so have a bunch of funny ones I found in lieu of an actual post- My head is too fried.

(All the tweets below aren’t mine, they just made me laugh very hard.  Everyone’s twitter handle follows their tweets.  and also LOL)


‘That was A1, Sharon’ – @Breffniburke1

‘Is that the latest thing now? Twas far from Fifty shades of Grey ye were all reared’- @IrishMammies

‘As I shouted ‘Sharon Ní Bheolin’ at the top of my voice, I realized my mistake’ – @RyanCullen90

‘She Quivered as I stroked her thighs.  ‘Take me in the shower Sean!’ I whispered to her ‘Wait til I turn on the immersion’ -@istherehotwater

‘Her underwear was wet as he pulled the rope.  There’s great drying out today she thought as the clothes line hoisted’ – @Paudienewstalk

‘He slipped his hand under the red silk. ‘You’re so beautiful in that dress..’ ‘Feck off it was only a euro in pennys!’ – @LeanneWoodfull

‘Bríd’s knees were sore and her throat was raw; this was the longest Novena she’d ever attended’ – @Jim_Sheridan

‘Mildred giggled coquettishly. Pushing Sean’s hands away she  leaped out of bed to turn Pope John Paul II’s face to the wall.’- @Datbeardyman

‘It was long and hard in her hand.  she cupped a ball in the other. Oh how Bridie loved Camogie.’ @Yourmannugget


Niamh ‘don’t worry it happens to lots of men’ Keoghan



I’ve always thought that I’m a little bit fat.

For the longest time it’s been part of my identity that I’m overweight- I was so resigned to the fact that I never did anything about it.   I just wallowed happily in my insecurities and let myself be comforted by the ‘but you’re lovely!’ praise I get off all who love me but I began to realise slowly that it doesn’t matter what other people say- I feel fat and unhappy when there is no need to feel fat and unhappy, just have to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

So I decided to try Jogging.

Oh dear.

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