First reaction to- The Avengers

So I saw the avengers tonight!  Boy I have a list of things to comment on- What would you know, you’re reading it!

SONG THAT IS THEMATICALLY RELEVANT (because it’s what I heard in my head when Chris Evans walked on screen)


Like Game of Thrones, it took me a while to get around to seeing The Avengers. I experienced the fuck tonne of hype first and so FINALLY tonight I got around to seeing it in 3D.  So provided here in loose list form are the things that I thought on immediate viewing

  • Chris Evans had lovely muscly but not too muscly arms
  • I loved that moment where they had to explain where Natalie Portman was but I admit I was hoping they’d make some crack about her obvious absence.  Instead there was a bit of a lame  write out
  • The 3D was totally pointless as usual and it adds nothing to the experience except a dull throbbing behind your eye
  • The ending battle scene was epic, but it dragged on and lost it’s momentum near the end
  • Black Widow wasn’t anyone’s love interest and I was so staggeringly happy with that.  In the hands of a less graceful screenwriter she would have well been throwing eyes at Bruce Banner.  In fact there was well a vibe with them too, but still ambiguous for me to be happy with.  She also gets a great ‘bitch please’ moment where Joss Basically takes a jab at loads of those ‘team chick’ cliches- The bit where she pretends to be broken by Loki, the flat dismissal of her being in love with anyone.  It brought tears to my eyes.
  • That moment where Hulk punches Thor off his feet was deadly
  • Samuel L Jackson is pure stone cold badass and there’s very little to say that the internet hasn’t covered already.
  • Pepper Potts is awesome,  I am so happy she popped up and wasn’t used as a hostage
  • The moment that the Hulk cuts off Loki’s speech with a SMASH
  • Mark Ruffalo motion capture performing all of the Hulk’s bits vastly helped to make a more believable link between the two
  • Stan Lee’s goofy cameo was goofy and glaring as ever but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like the tradition
  • I am so glad Spiderman didn’t appear in this because that would have been so distracting, but I kind of hoped for a reference, considering the climax is in New York [ Apparently Sony own the rights to Spiderman so no crossovers :,( ]
  • Captain America’s happiness at finally understanding a pop culture reference.
  • Every scene containing Iron Man was the fucking bomb.
  • The big alien ships at the end were the first special effect CGI monster in a long time that I’ve dropped my jaw at.


Niamh ‘I’d kiss you but these stupid 3D glasses are in my way’ Keoghan


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