Tuesday Topic: recording one’s dreams

Tuesday topic: To give my oh so clever blog title a little bit of legitimacy and myself some kind of timetable, I’ll be updating each Tuesday with a blog about something.  More to follow!


I love dream logic. I honestly do.  I love seeing what place exactly my brain is going to take me to tonight, I love being brought on a story and I love experiencing the narrative as it happens.  I love that dream narratives only make sense when one is in them and that while one is there all the weird shit going on makes perfect sense.  I love that there are certain things one can’t bring back from ones dream like the music that seems to soundtrack all of mine.  The only problem with dreams is that I always forget them!

I’ve started attempting to keep a dream diary, jotting down key faces, key colours, sounds, images, people I know and anything else I can remember in the moment after waking.  I was surprised on my first attempt by 2 things

1. how many people I know turn up in my dreams each night

2. how fucking weird my dreams really are

not even weird in a creepy or disturbing way.  Just this strange collage of locations, sounds, situations and characters that were obviously on my mind.  Prince William, Superman, their respective spouses, a bitchy old auntie, royal concubines and Christopher Lloyd all featured.  And in the moment of the dream, all made perfect sense.  It was brilliant!  That’s like the best story ever, how can you knock something like that?

I would type out the narrative- it’s in my head now, I remember clearly each different thread and plot that I went through.  They roughly break down into 4 or 5 sections all distinct from one another, but to type out the rationale behind all these wonderful and fucking hilarious characters would take away some of the magic of it.  It’s just fun to be able to look back over my stream of consciousness notes (Typed on my iPhone for an extra dash of pretension) and remember clearly all the different strands.

I’d recommend trying the dream notes thing at least once if only to see what crazy shit your mind might throw at you.  I can guarantee you won’t be expecting the connections you’ll find perfectly logical at the time.


Niamh ‘All I do the whole night through is dream of you’ Keoghan


One response

  1. I think I may join you in this notation of dreams! I’ll have it on another day though. Probably Thursday evenings cos that’s when I sleep best! :D

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