The Bro clothes summer spotting game

Well it’s that time of year again- Ireland is bathed in unseasonable warmth, the only warmth we’ll be getting before our traditional washout summer.In their excitement about the sun I have noticed several trends among lads dusting off their summer clothes.  I have constructed the following rules for a spotting game for this joyous sun dazed week.



The bros summer clothes spotting game

Shorts- 1 point

flip flops- 1 point

Beach shorts- 2 points

combat shorts- 2 points

GAA shorts- 3 points

Shutter shades- 3 points

Deep V neck shirt- 2 points ( Bonus 1 point for visible chest hair)

Combo Beach Shorts + flip flops- 4 points

‘Triple crown’ dickhead combo Beach shorts, flip flops and shutter shades- 5 points

And if you see someone with farmer’s tan you win!


Niamh ‘There is allegedly a naked guy on South Campus’ Keoghan





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